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Boat Insurance

Vessel insurance for personal use created specially for your needs

Hull insurance

Hull insurance covers claims that can occur on your boat during navigation, laying in the marina or on a dry dock.

Yacht-Pool assistance

The coverage includes delivery of the fuel and things, scuba diver and towing of the boats. These are the basic coverages which will allow Yacht-pool clients to feel safe during navigation.

Obligatory third party liability for boats with Croatian flag

Covered are the claims for bodily injury, disorders of health or death of third person. Third persons in this case are the persons who are swimming or scuba diving in the water.

Third party liabilty insurance

Covered are all the claims occured from liability for the death, injuries of the body or health or destruction of the belongings of the third person while the owner/user of the boat is using the boat

Personal accident insurance

Covers the passangers and/or crew for accidents which have death, invalidity and the need for rescue as a consequence.

Compulsory insurance of passengers in public transport

Compulsory insurance of passengers in public transport in case of accident. It protects passengers from unfortunate events that result in death and permanent disability.