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Compulsory inusurance of passengers in public transport in case of accident

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Protects travelers from accidents. An unfortunate case in terms of this insurance is each sudden and by the will of the insured is an independent event, acting mainly outside and suddenly on the body the insured has the consequence of his death or disability.

Insurance is obligated by law to be made by every person (legal or physical) who is authorized to perform public passenger transport. Coverage refers to travelers, ie Travelers are on board designated for performing public transport.

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Frequently asked questions

What is covered by compulsory travel insurance in public transport?
Insurance covers the case of death due to an accident and permanent disability.
Who is considered passengers?
Passengers are considered to be persons who are traveling on board a vessel designated to perform a public service traffic, regardless of whether they have already purchased a ticket, as well as persons who are in the dock or close to the vessel before boarding, or after disembarkation, which they intended to travel by boat or they traveled, except for persons employed by means of transport. Travelers are also considered as persons who are entitled to a free ride.
Is this insurance covered by a crew who is on board a vessel intended for charter services?
Compulsory passenger insurance is not covered by the crew. It is necessary to agree separately for the crew insurance in the event of an accident.
What is considered an unfortunate case?
An unfortunate event in terms of this insurance is considered to be every sudden and insolvent of the insured an event that acts mainly outwardly and suddenly on the body of the insured has the consequence of his death or disability.
Who is obligated to provide travel insurance against the consequences of an accident?
Every person (legal or physical) who is authorized to perform the public transport of passengers and which is required by law to complete the said insurance.
What is the insured sum?
The maximum amount to which the insurer is liable and the amount recorded on the policy, but can not be lower than the amount determined by the Law or by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

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