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Hull Insurance

Join Yacht-Pool and forget about unwanted problems with your boat.

Hull insurance covers claims that can occur on your boat during navigation, laying in the marina or on a dry dock.

Some of the risks covered by Yacht-Pool hull insurance polices are:

  • Navigational risk
  • Fire, explosion, thunderstorm
  • Theft on bord, theft of the boat, earthquake,
  • malicious procedures of third parties
  • transport on land
  • claims on the equipment
  • claims on the sails


Some more imoprtant facts about Yacht-Pool hull insurance:

  • no deductible (in case of total loss)
  • FREE ASSISTANCE even if there is no claim!

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Frequently asked questions

Are engine damages covered?
Mechanical devices and technical and nautical equipment are covered exclusively from damage caused by collisions, impact, overturning, overturning and sinking of vessels, penetration of sea or water, and damage caused by force majeure, burglary, explosion, fire, mischief and malicious acts of third parties and during transportation and / or storage. While the fracture and failure of the machine, aggregate, shaft, bolt and other technical devices and devices on board generated during operation and / or due to overheating and / or without external influence are covered exclusively previously contracted additional cover of “motor damage” and the payment of an additional premium in accordance with the current one valid price list and fulfillment of engine maintenance requirements in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer.
Does the insurance cover the boat trailer?
The insurance covers the previously registered trailer for the transport of the vessel, from damages due to traffic accidents, fire, lightning strikes, explosions, more force and theft.
Does the insurance include road transport?
The boat is also insured during transportation on a road motor vehicle or on its trailer on relations within Europe from the risks of traffic accidents, fire, explosions and theft of the vessel or its parts.
Is the damage in case of theft covered?
The insurance covers the case of theft of the vessel during the stay of a boat on a slip or a slip, in a dock or in a dock shipyard if the said service  is provided by that registered company, and if it is located in a fenced yard that is under constant control. Inventory, accessories and equipment are covered and when they are located outside the vessel, provided they are stored in a closed and locked area. Outboard engines are covered by insurance if they are specified in the insurance contract and if they have been properly affirmed and secured by falling into the sea or by stealing.
Is the boat covered during the sailing regatta?
Insurance coverage is also valid during the duration of sailing regatta, including trainings for such competitions. Damage caused by the use of a motor boat in sports events aiming to achieve the greatest or The highest average speeds, or exercises for such events, are not covered by this insurance.
Does insurance cover damage caused while pulling vessel from the sea?
The insurance contract covers both damages incurred during the stay of the vessel on a dry link as well as during the extraction process
vessels for dry landing. Insurance coverage is also valid during the usual stay of the vessel outside the sea or water, including extraction / extraction on the shore, and launching / lowering into the sea or in the water if the said service provided by registered companies.

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