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Third party liability Insurance

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Covered are all the claims occured from liability for the death, injuries of the body or health or destruction of the belongings of the third person while the owner/user of the boat is using the boat.

The insurance covers also the costs of removing the slopes, the liability for damages from the activities of skiing, liability for marine pollution, for damage caused by flammable or explosive materials and handling and use of the signal pistol, and liability for damages caused by the auxiliary boat.

If you navigate the Greek waters, it will be necessary to arrange a minimum sum insured in the amount of 1.000.000 €, while if you sail in Italian waters it is necessary to arrange a law regulated a minimum of € 7,290,000 for damages incurred on things and persons.

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Frequently asked questions

What does voluntary third party liability insurance mean?
The insurance coverage under these Terms includes the insured’s liability arising from the holding, owning and using the boat or yacht specified in the insurance contract during the use of the boat or yachts for personal and / or commercial purposes and / or during the rental of a yacht or yacht for a fee (charter) for damages due to death, bodily injury or health and damage or destruction of third party property.
Who is considered third party?
Third persons are also considered passengers and crew on the insured vessel. The person who operated by a boat or yacht referred to in the preceding paragraph shall not be deemed to be a third party within the meaning of these Terms.
Does the insurance include liability for damages from the activities of towing a skier and a parachute flyer?
Coverage under these Terms also includes legal liability arising from towing activities skiers and / or flyers by parachuting and / or pulling other objects at sea or on water.
Does insurance cover liability for damages caused by marine pollution, damage to handling and use signal pistol and responsibility for damages when handling flammable or explosive devices?
The insurer shall compensate the insured amount up to the sum insured from the insurance contract, to which this is obliged to pay on the basis of liability for damages due to oil pollution. Coverage also covers liability for damage caused by handling and the usual use of the associated signal pistol on the vessel and liability for damages resulting from the usual handling of inflammable or explosive devices on the boat.
What is a wreck and does the insurance cover the cost of removing the wreck?
The definition of the wreck, which is result from a maritime accident are:
-sunken or stranded vessel;- any part of the sunken or stranded vessel;
-any object that is lost at sea from the vessel that is stranded, sank or floated by the sea;
-A ship that can is sure to sink or strand.

Coverage covers up to the amount secured from the insurance contract, costs of locating, marking and removal of the wreck.

Are the damage made on motorboats in regatta covered?
Damage on motorized vessels participating in training or competition in order to achieve the greatest or the highest average speeds or ratings.

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