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Yacht-Pool Assistance

Forget about problems at sea with Yacht-Pool Assistance

Recently every new or renewed Yacht-Pool insurance policy of boats for private use includes also the coverage of the assistance at sea. With that each and every Yacht-Pool client gets another great convenience. The coverage includes delivery of the fuel and things, scuba diver and towing of the boats. These are the basic coverages which will allow Yacht-pool clients to feel safe during navigation. On the Adriatic sea our partner is the best in sea towing and assistance, Sea Tow Europe.


Yacht-Pool Assistence includes:


  • Sea delivery of fuel and other things
  • Help and rescue
  • Scuba divers
  • Towing

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Frequently asked questions

What coverage covers boat assistence
Yacht-Pool Assistance covers coverage:
1) fuel delivery up to a maximum distance of 10 NM from any base
service providers;
2) simple diving services (divers) in the area within 5 NM from either
what database of service providers;
3) 3 NM boat tours independently of the direction, if the vessel is no longer located
3 NM distance from any base of service providers,
and in case the insured vessel is unable to navigate independently and safely due to:
1) failure;
2) damage and
3) disappearance of fuel.
Is insurance valid for vessels registered for commercial purposes (rent)?
Under these Special Terms, insurance cover applies only to vessels registered for private use (sports and recreation).
Is the fuel cost included in the coverage?
The fuel cost is not included in the insurance cover.
How many times can I use the assistance service during the insurance period?
The insurance covers up to one insured case during the life of the insurance policy.
Who is the provider of assistance services and what is the insurance area?
Assistance in Europe is provided by Sea Tow Europe. Yacht-pool Assistance is provided in the area of the territorial sea Republic of Croatia.
Where are the Sea Tow bases and whom do I have to call in the case of need for assistance?
Database locations can be found HERE
In case of occurrence of the insured case, the insured is obliged to immediately call the telephone number of the help center
(assistant) to number 00385 99 31 31 003.

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