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Insurances for commercial purpose (charter, rent, public transfer and else)

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Boats used for commercial purposes are exsposed to a major risk and therefore are in need of some standard and some specific additional coverages in the insurance policy.

You can find all that and more on the Yacht-Pool insurance policy.


Standard coverage:

  • Obligatory third party liability for boats under Croatian flag which covers liability claims for injuries of swimmers and scuba divers.
  • Hull insurance coverage of damages on your boat during navigation, while laying in the marina or on a dry dock.
  • Accidance insurance which protects crew and/or passangers from occurances which can have death, invalidity or need for salvage as consequence.
  • Third party liabilty insurance which covers claims for death, invalidty and injury of third person and all damages to property of third persons.


Specific additional coverages:

  • Third party liability for navigation in the Italian terriorial waters with a coverage limit of 7.290.000 €
  • Lost income for charter
  • Coverage in case of confiscation from the part of the state

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Frequently asked questions

Which insurance I am obliged to contract as a vessel owner for commercial purposes purpose?
The owner of the vessel registered for rent or transport of passengers is obliged to agree compulsory liability insurance to third parties and mandatory insurance of passengers in public traffic from the consequences of an accident.
What additional insurance can I arrange under my policy?
We also offer additional insurance for leaseholders in the case failure of vessels and insurance in case of seized vessels for unauthorized crossing of the state borders, blind travelers, detention of vessels by the authorities for the violation of the owner, while cover the risk of deliberate theft or evasion automatically included in each insurance policy boats for rent.
Can Yacht-Pool provide our guests with a security deposit guarantee in the charter?
Certainly. Please contact our agents in order to be able to issue an appropriate offer for you guest (although you are not our policyholder) or arrange online creation and payment of insurance policies loss of deposit (bail).
Do I need special coverage if my guests hire a boat and go out of Croatia?
It is certainly necessary to take care if you have a vessel registered for an international one on the policy, to cover the voluntary liability for damages incurred to third parties in the amount prescribed by the law of the country in which the visitor sails.
The countries that need to be singled out are Italy – where the law requires a minimum amount coverage in the amount of 7.290.000 €, while for Greece and Spain it is necessary to contract coverage in amount of € 1,000,000.
Is the insurance premium equal if the boat is rented with a skipper?
For reduced risk, insurance premium for a vessel that is rented with a skipper it will definitely be lower.

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