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In case you need to rescue your vessel by other ships, it is obligatory to agree on the amount of the rescue fee before the rescue. The fee must be agreed in writing and contain a clause: NO CURE – NO PAY (no salvage – no payment).

Try to prevent bigger and longer damage.

In case of damage, the following must be collected:

  • Reporting a maritime accident at the Port Authority Port Authority with description of the accident, the cause and description of the damage,
  • a sketch of an accident,
  • the names and addresses of the participants in the accident,
  • names and addresses of witnesses,
  • address and number of police files,
  • original bills, payment slips, etc.,
  • estimated value of damage.

During a collision:

  • Participants in the conflict agree to jointly report a maritime accident and a written description of the accident,
  • The participant in the crash should acknowledge the guilty in writing.

In case of damage to transport:

  • collect carriers, loading orders, etc.,
  • the written authority of the owner (from the contract of carriage) to the insurer,
  • the carrier’s statement on the mode and conditions of transport before the occurrence of the damage:
    Railway transport: official railway report
    for truck transport: driver’s statement and carrier’s opinion.

In case of damage caused by fire, explosion, burglary and theft, inform the nearest police station and request a written report of the damage incurred. Be sure to notify the damage done abroad the police station at the place of the accident.

Sale of damaged and insured items prior to the regulation of damage, without the license of the insurer, is not permitted.

It is necessary to abide by the rules of the maritime law of the country where the damage occurred.

For additional forms and explanations, please contact:
info@claimsandervices.hr or by phone +385 99 31 31 003